Photo meet in DC

I joined our friends from online photography group for Washington Photo Ops. It was great to meet fellow photographers and spend the day together. Though it was a four day event, I was only able to attend the first day.

Here are some pictures from our meet.

DC Photogroup 010

Typical street in DC.

DC Photogroup 003

View from the street.

DC Photogroup 012

Another street view of Chinatown.

DC Photogroup 015

Pretty ladies at the best

DC Photogroup 017

Beautiful typical Chinese style building. We noticed that most buildings had both English and Chinese sign boards.

DC Photogroup 037

Different view of the Chinatown gate.

DC Photogroup 045

Street show in action.

DC Photogroup 051

Candit shot.

DC Photogroup 065

One of the narrow streets, that reminds me of the old Chinese movies.

DC Photogroup 068

A different view.

DC Photogroup 071

Historical castle style building.

DC Photogroup 076

Street view: two buildings inter connected.
DC Photogroup 079

Another Church and a nice view.

DC Photogroup 081

The US Flag was half raised.

DC Photogroup 085

Another beautiful architecture.

DC Photogroup 087

The modern building was just next to the old heritage.

DC Photogroup 090

Famous 5, did I say that.

DC Photogroup 092

I was fascinated with the water hose.

DC Photogroup 094

I love this.

DC Photogroup 096

Closeup of one of the statue.

DC Photogroup 099

A boy reading.

DC Photogroup 101

Mothers love, priceless.

DC Photogroup 106

A unique old small building around huge modern construction, also notice the new can in front of the building.

DC Photogroup 112

Glass painting on the windows of the church. Impressive.

DC Photogroup 115

A different view of another old church.

DC Photogroup 116

What do you think about the painting?

DC Photogroup 118

Yes, that is true. God’s doors are open to all. A good message.

DC Photogroup 125

Martin Luther statue in front of the Church.

DC Photogroup 127

Another beautiful architecture, yet another church.

DC Photogroup 130

I love the design. It is very different than what we saw before.

DC Photogroup 134-Edit

Close up of the little boy.

DC Photogroup 137

White house a different perspective.

DC Photogroup 138Famous 5, did I say that !

DC Photogroup 142

DC Photogroup 144

DC Photogroup 148

A museum in making.DC Photogroup 150

This definitely is a road show. Can I get one, anyone?DC Photogroup 151

DC Photogroup 154

Different view of the Washington monument.DC Photogroup 160

I noticed this building, and it was quite different.
DC Photogroup 173

Beautiful, what do you all think?
DC Photogroup 183

A cop in duty 🙂
DC Photogroup 187

A different view.DC Photogroup 190Beautiful view of the White House.

DC Photogroup 207

The famous Washington Monument.DC Photogroup 213An eagle in action.
DC Photogroup 218 The flag was half flown.

DC Photogroup 223

Washington Monument from the top of Washington Hotel building.
DC Photogroup 133-EditA close up of the status.


This was from the street performance in Chinatown. Four photos put together to demonstrate the action. It was quite a show.

Please see what Renee has to offer this month.

If you are interested in seeing more of my photography take a look at my Facebook page or my Flickr Page.

10 thoughts on “Photo meet in DC

  1. Looks like a great trip! Even with just one day it seems like you were able to see a lot. I really like the first photo of the white house you had, the one with a different perspective. great shot!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love meet up groups. My favorite is my portrait group. You got some awesome shots here. My favorites are the narrow street view, the glass building and the church looking up from the bottom. I think I am going to have to add DC to my bucket list as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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