Fun walking

“Nothing happens when you sit at home. I always make it a point to carry a camera with me at all times. I just shoot at what interests me at that moment – Elliot Erwitt.

It was a chilly cold Sunday morning, but that did not stop us from going for a walk. We had friends visit us from out of town. We headed to Great Falls, Potomac, Maryland which was about 35 minutes drive from home.

I always liked the view from the Virginia side, but the walks are better from the Maryland side, hence the plan for the walk.

This is a picture of the old boat that was used for transportation. The canal started operation in 1781.

GFalls-01The view shows how it is rested on the canal.Gfalls1-1A hole in the trunk. Not sure if that was a home for some small animals.Gfalls1-2A log over the canal  that is not functional.Gfalls1-3A twisted plant on a tree. Bonding together, or coiled up together, maybe?Gfalls1-4Winter did hit it hard on this tree, and the forest in general. Gfalls1-5More like a pouch on a tree.Gfalls1-6Another view of the boat.GFalls-02Floating ducks in pair.GFalls-03Interesting tree twisting. GFalls-04The water fall. I love them. GFalls-06The water fall again.GFalls-07Arthur in action. He is learning to take pictures.GFalls-08Rita and Smriti with Great Falls in the background.GFalls-09Dr Rajan and Smriti in over looking the Great Falls in the background.GFalls-10A small bud, will soon be a beautiful flower.GFalls-12Its time to grow and welcome spring.GFalls-14Grown on the rock. GFalls-15Got a glimpse of this bird.GFalls-18Signs of some greenery. GFalls-19Water flowing to the Potomac river. GFalls-21After life, is it?GFalls-22Another tree trunk.GFalls-23Three trunks attached in one. A different perspective. GFalls-24Arthur called this “Tree with a belly button”. Not sure what that really means.GFalls-25Tangled and tied.GFalls-26A little unique tree trunk. GFalls-27Signs that the weather is still cold. Spring will soon be here.GFalls-28Overlooking the Potomac River. It was beautiful.GFalls-29Standing tall and strong.GFalls-30Old and left alone.GFalls-31I was told the male specials are the more colorful and good looking. Just easy to impress the females 🙂GFalls-35I was always fascinated by duck-diving. That was one of our swimming drill while we were in school.GFalls-36Back view of how the bridge looks. GFalls-37How about a campfire and some drinks?GFalls-40Old bridge that is no longer being used. GFalls-41I should be taking one of these home. It would be nice to get it. GFalls-42Dr Rajan and his wife Smriti were a great company. We had a great time.  GFalls-44Finally a group photo of the walking group.GFalls-47

Thank you for joining me for this month’s Tell me a Story.  This is a circle blog. Please see what Janelle has to offer this month.

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