Visit to the beautiful New Vrindavan

It was a long winding roads that lead to the New Vrindavan in West Virginia. Though this was not the first time I visited it, I get excited and happy to visit and enjoy the peaceful serene place.

The ride to the temple was a strange one. We had a severe weather and had to stop at a place as the road was not visible. The GPS took a different route and we were not sure if we even going to get there, but thank you to google maps for our rescue.

Vrindavan is a holy place for Hindus and you can get more information here: Vrindavan

Our plan for the day was to explore the place and spend the night in the lodge house in the temple. This was our home for the night.

Arthur is seen enjoying the view from the balcony.


It was a beautiful place as seen in the picture below.


The restaurant named after the god himself.


The food was tasty and healthy.


The temple has status and these are some of them.DSC_3076

Lord Krishna is the one in the center.


Krishna and Radha


Some more status inside the temple.DSC_3089



And the founder of ISKON, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada DSC_3099

My parents in front of the main status.DSC_3102

The area was serene and peaceful. To add to the area, the cell phones did not have reception.


The views were breathtaking. DSC_3161

This is the pond where after the devotees chants mantra, swan carrying the status of Krishna would come, symbolizing the god is pleased with his devotees. DSC_3173

A different perspective. DSC_3184-2

Another view of the holy pond from the other side.DSC_3191

There were beautiful peacocks and we were able to grace them as well.DSC_3202

This huge status of Balaram and Krishna.DSC_3208

The foot of the statue. DSC_3210

Arthur observing the status and this shows the size for reference.DSC_3214

A different close up of the leg of the statue.DSC_3230

Peacocks roaming around in the dirt road. DSC_3234

View of the Palace of Gold. Beautiful 🙂

DSC_3254A view of the flag inside the Palace of Gold seen from outside. DSC_3239

There were a lot of things still not finished, yet it looked beautiful DSC_3250


A different view.DSC_3266Entrance to the rose garden inside the Palace compound.DSC_3281

Statue of Lord Krishna on the background.DSC_3283

The Palace was peaceful and beautiful.DSC_3342

View of the palace from the western side.DSC_3344

A closer look.DSC_3347

This was on each four corners  and I just managed to take a picture of one.DSC_3360

The other view of the temple.DSC_3381

The windows with the carvings and woodwork. DSC_3383

View of the windows from inside.DSC_3387

There were flowers everywhere and a lot of work has been put to maintain this. DSC_3392

A beautiful view.DSC_3396

Another close of the beautiful peacock DSC_3400

The view with the cows and bull on the front. .DSC_3432


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10 thoughts on “Visit to the beautiful New Vrindavan

  1. Wow – what an interesting experience and lots of beautiful scenery. I do love the one looking over the pond. The one of Arthur next to the statues give a great idea of the size of them. Thanks for sharing.


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